UDO Board of Adjustment Agendas & Decisions

The May UDO Board of Adjustment Meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday May 29, 2024

The Planning, Design & Development Department provides administrative support to the UDO Board of Adjustment (formerly ZBA), oversees the creation of zoning appeals and variances, and provides final interpretations of the city's zoning ordinance. The UDO Board of Adjustment is an eight member board. This includes five regular members and three alternates. Five members are appointed by the Charlotte City Council, two are appointed by the Mayor of Charlotte, and one is appointed by the Mecklenburg County Commission. The appointments are for three years and each member may serve two consecutive terms. The UDO Board of Adjustment has the authority to hear and decide appeals from a decision made by the Zoning Administrator and to hear and decide petitions for variances from the requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance.

Meeting Information 

UDO Board of Adjustment Testimony Information:

During the meeting, the UDO Board of Adjustment Chairperson will address anyone who has signed up to speak on an Agenda item. All testimony must be given under oath and those wishing to speak on an item must be sworn in. Interested parties wishing to speak, for or against, will be given reasonable time to present sworn testimony. If you wish to submit evidence for consideration (e.g. photographs and other factual materials) you must send any electronic documents to staff at least one day prior to the meeting by noon. The documents must be labeled with the project address and case number.

The meeting can be viewed live at the CLT Planning Design, and Development YouTube Channel. Please note, staff support will be not available during the meeting to assist with technical difficulties. Applicants, Opposition, and others who wish to provide testimony will need to attend in person and the link provided is for viewing purposes only.

Submission Deadline and Meeting Schedule


UDO Board of Adjustment Members 

  • Chair Deborah Dryden

  • Co-Chair Kevin Shea

  • Hamilton Cort

  • Amy Sun 

  • Marshall Williamson  

  • Gary Young (Alternate)

  • Wes Davis (Alternate)