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For over twenty years, the City of Charlotte has invested in corridors because of the critical role each corridor plays in supplying basic needs and opportunities for its residents. The Corridors of Opportunity (COO) program is a coordinated investment approach to create safe, prosperous communities in six key corridors within Charlotte.

I-85/Sugar Creek is one of the six corridors in the COO program. To help lay a foundation for the work, a sprint report was created(PDF, 1MB). Building off the sprint report, the corridor playbook was developed to understand the vision and shared future of the I-85/Sugar Creek corridor. During the playbook process, city staff asked corridor residents and businesses to share their ideas for the community. This Playbook will serve as the community's vision for the corridor over the next 3-15 years.

The I-85/Sugar Creek Playbook is now available.


I-85/Sugar Creek Corridor Playbook(PDF, 169MB)

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Safe Biz CLT

During the I-85/Sugar Creek playbook process, addressing crime and improving community safety was the top priority for corridor residents and stakeholders.

Residents and businesses are negatively affected by public safety issues. Public safety issues may cause businesses to:

  • Change hours of operation

  • Raise prices due to losses

  • Relocate outside of the community

  • Close entirely

Safe Biz CLT aims to help mitigate those issues.

The City of Charlotte is working with Duke Energy One to install, configure, and maintain cameras in participating businesses along the I-85/Sugar Creek corridor. Once the cameras are installed, City of Charlotte public safety agencies (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and Charlotte Fire departments) can access the video through the CMPD Real Time Crime Center.

The program is a three-year pilot. For more information, please contact Adam Keith, adam.keith@charlottenc.gov


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