Smart Charlotte Engagement

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In partnership with Digital Trust for Places and Routines (DTPR), the City is piloting an initiative to improve transparency around public-facing technologies and increase opportunities to engage with the Charlotte community. By improving city communication with residents, a pathway for broader , more equitable partnerships for resident-centered technology and data solutions.

The City conducted initial groundwork in partnership with the Center for Digital Equity (CDE), which explored smart city technologies and how to improve engagement around them. To continue building accountability and trust, the City seeks to build more relationships with residents and increase the capacity for their participation in Innovation Labs during he summer and fall of 2024.

Residents are encouraged to join participants from the City, other government entities, private sector companies, nonprofits, and academia to shape transformative solutions by leveraging data and technology.
Below is a guide to learning more about the City's workshop methodology that led to the Five Tactics for the Co-Created Smart City: