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Albemarle Road is one of Charlotte's most demographically diverse corridors with 19% of its residents identifying as foreign born, representing over 60 countries from across the globe. Celebrating and investing in this culturally rich community is a priority for the City of Charlotte.


We have learned that most residents within the corridor are employed, but have challenges getting to and from their jobs. Household income and homeownership within the corridor are also lower than the city average. We're developing a playbook to address these issues and we'll need your help. Community feedback will drive the playbook development process as we create programs to increase job and entrepreneurship opportunities, improve roads, and access to public transit, create beautiful public spaces where communities come together and feel safe, and make housing options more affordable.


The corridor playbook will focus on areas between Independence Boulevard and Lake Forest Road with a focus on four major intersections. During the playbook process, corridor residents and businesses will be invited to share their experiences, needs and visions for the community.


You can get involved and stay connected in three ways. One, text "east" to 73224 to get invitations and information about upcoming events sent directly to your phone. Two, visit the City of Charlotte Corridor of Opportunity web page for more information. Three, tour the virtual information room to see what exists in corridor today and where opportunities await. A vibrant, prosperous corridor is not possible without you. Join us.

For over twenty years, the City of Charlotte has invested in corridors because of the critical role each corridor plays in supplying basic needs and opportunities for its residents. The Corridors of Opportunity (COO) program is a coordinated investment approach to create safe, prosperous communities in six key corridors within Charlotte.

Albemarle Road is one of the six corridors in the COO program. Working hand in hand with the community, a Corridor Playbook was developed to understand the vision and shared future of the Albemarle Road Corridor. During the Playbook Process, corridor residents and businesses had the opportunity to share their needs, desires, and visions for their community. Through collaboration with the community and key stakeholders, these ideas will be brought to life. The Albemarle Corridor Playbook will serve as the community's vision for the corridor over the next 3-15 years.

The Albemarle Road/Central Avenue Corridor Playbook is now available.

Albemarle Road/Central Avenue Corridor Playbook(PDF, 15MB)


ABL Corridor

Corridor Events

Steering committee meetings

  • Thursday, August 19

  • Friday, September 17

  • Thursday, November 4

If you’d like to be a part of the steering committee, please contact Erin Gillespie (

Playbook meetings

Corridors of Opportunity Albermale Rd. / Central Ave Kick Off @ CharlotteEAST's Fall Forum

September 29 from 6:30 - 8:00pm

SMS Catering, 1764 Norland Ave., 28205

City and County leaders will discuss Corridors of Opportunity projects, the Eastland development, transportation, mobility, greenways, planned innovation and manufacturing jobs.

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