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We want you to work with us! Team Charlotte is a diverse 8,000-plus member team serving one of the largest cities in America.

The City of Charlotte is committed to creating an inclusive culture where our employees can show up and belong as their full, authentic selves. Diversity is our strength, as an organization and a community, and this strength is amplified through our pursuit of justice and equity.

Our goals are to provide high-quality services to 860,000 Charlotte residents, and help those who need us the most.

Departments provide services including: police and fire protection, waste and recyclables collection, water and sewer services, road construction and maintenance, transit services, planning and development services, and operation of Charlotte Douglas International Airport.


Employee benefits include:

Health, dental, vision, and life insurance.

N.C. retirement system pension.

401(k) plan.

10 paid vacation days.

12 paid sick days.

Paid parental leave.

Educational assistance.


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