Fence and Wall Certificates

sidewalk view of neighborhood with fenced lawns


Per City Ordinance, any fence or wall constructed along a city street requires a no-cost certificate from the Charlotte Department of Transportation in lieu of a permit.


Section 19-243 of the City Code requires that:

"Any person building or about to build any house, building, fence or wall or construct any sidewalk or pavement along the border or bounding on any of the city streets or sidewalks shall have such located and graded and the boundaries thereof adjoining such street fixed and certified to by the director/engineer. A fence or wall described in this section shall not exceed height restrictions as provided in the zoning ordinance in Appendix A to this Code or within required sight distance triangles at intersections, as provided in section 19-245. It shall be unlawful to build or maintain a house, building, fence, wall, sidewalk, or pavement in violation of this section."


The below resources can help you quickly and easily complete your application. For questions about your specific application, please email charlotte.fence.wall@charlottenc.gov.

*Charlotte Explorer

*Polaris 3G

Defining your front, side, and rear yards (Pg. 2-23): Zoning Ord Chapter2 Rev(PDF, 901KB)

Determining your CDOT sight distance triangle: Obstructions to cross visibility at intersections deemed nuisance; abatement procedures

Determining your NCDOT sight distance triangle (Pg. 31)*Additional requirement if you live along a state-maintained road within the Charlotte city limitsPolicy on Street and Driveway Access

*These resources provide approximations of lot lines overlaid with aerial imagery. Only a surveyor licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina can determine the exact locations in the field.