Neighborhood Zoning

Well groomed neighborhood street view with small mountain in background and vibrant green foilage

Zoning Enforcement

Zoning Permitting

The zoning designation of a parcel specifies how the land and buildings can be used within the city and county.  Zoning districts are created to attract certain types of development such as single-family and multifamily homes, offices, neighborhood business, industry and institutions like schools and hospitals.  Examples of zoning violations include illegal signs, illegal use of property, and commercial vehicles in residential areas.  

If you need a sign permit, zoning use or customary home occupation permit application, contact zoning enforcement staff at 704-336-7600.

Inspection Process

To report a potential violation of the zoning ordinance, call 311 or submit your request online.

  • Inspections occur within three business days of reporting.
  • If the complaint is valid and a violation is found, a notice of violation will be issued.
  • The case is closed when the violation is corrected.