Meet the Team

Steven Coker

Business Inclusion Officer

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Steven Coker icon phone 704.420.0703


Steven is responsible for the development, growth, implementation, management, coordination, and oversight of the city’s diversity and inclusion program. Steven also provides strategic direction and leadership citywide with responsibility for setting Minority, Women, and Small Business Enterprise (MWSBE) contracting goals, and for the performance of all compliance functions on relevant city contracts. In addition, Steven is responsible for ensuring diversity strategies and initiatives are successfully implemented, consistent with the city’s objectives. 

Venesia Draughn

Administrative Officer 2

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Venesia supports the Charlotte Business INClusion office with tasks related to office management, process improvement, general administrative support, and budget and Munis functions. Venesia also provides support to the program and assistant program managers, works with the certification team to certify MWSBE vendors, serves on the planning committees for 2022 ACCA NTI, Crowns of Enterprise, and Charlotte MED Week, and attends outreach events as needed. In addition, she acts as the records management custodian for CBI.

Nyema Mathis

CBI Program Specialist Lead

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Nyema assists in outreach opportunities, reporting, special projects, and deals with the day-to-day operations in making CBI successful.

Jorge Arturo Reynoso

Contract Compliance Officer

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Jorge Arturo Reynoso icon phone704.577.5745


Jorge is a Program Specialist for construction and compliance. He works directly with Michele Torres and Sonia Bows to establish goals for MWSBEs participation in city contracts.

NaTasha Smith

CBI Program Specialist

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Along with certifying MWSBEs, NaTasha also support other areas of CBI, including compliance, reporting, CBIAC liaison duties, RCA review, outreach, and other duties as needed.

Kimberly Tibbs

CBI Certification Specialist Lead

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Kimberly Tibbs icon phone704.336.5066


Kimberly is responsible for performing the certification and verification process for diverse suppliers as outlined in the City Council adopted Charlotte Business INClusion Policy. Her work involves the exercise of initiative; reviewing, gathering, and analyzing data; and making sound business decisions based on the CBI Policy.

Julius Edwards

Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

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Julius Edwards icon phone980.378.7101


Julius Edwards serves as the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator for the Charlotte Business Inclusion, tasked with spearheading robust outreach and engagement initiatives that bolster Minority, Women, and Small Business Enterprises (MWSBEs). His pivotal role includes crafting strategies, executing programs, and nurturing key relationships across internal and external stakeholders to drive the growth and support of MWSBEs.

Alexandria Boyd

CBI Compliance Lead Specialist

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Alexandria Boyd icon phone704.998.9930


As the Compliance and Reporting Lead Specialist for Charlotte Business Inclusion, Alexandria Boyd oversees compliance and reporting for the CBI Program, ensuring adherence to diversity and inclusion mandates in City contracting and business development. Collaborating closely with departmental CBI liaisons, she spearheads the creation and analysis of reports to drive contract diversity and inclusion, while strategizing on performance enhancement and risk mitigation.