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For over twenty years, the City of Charlotte has invested in corridors because of the critical role each corridor plays in supplying basic needs and opportunities for its residents. The Corridors of Opportunity (COO) program is a coordinated investment approach to create safe, prosperous communities in six key corridors within Charlotte.

North Graham Street/North Tryon Street is one of the six corridors in the COO program. Working hand in hand with the community, a Corridor Playbook will be developed to understand the vision and shared future of the North Graham Street/North Tryon Street. During the Playbook Process, corridor residents and business owners will have the opportunity to share their needs, desires, and visions for their community. Through collaboration with the community and key stakeholders, these ideas will be brought to life. The North Graham Street/North Tryon Street Corridor Playbook will serve as the community's vision for the corridor over the next 3-15 years.


Graham Street North Tryon Street Corridor Playbook(PDF, 70MB)

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