Street Name Change

Request for Street Name Change

Citizens may request that the names of streets within the Charlotte City Limits be changed. A petition of 75% of the property owners on the street will be required for non-agency/departmental requests.

The petition form will be sent to the citizen making the request as soon as the recommended name is reviewed to make sure it is not a duplication or a prohibited name.

Guidelines for Street Names

  • Name plus two-letter type (Rd, St, Ln, etc) cannot exceed 21 letters
  • Name should include a roadway type
  • No directional prefixes or suffixes (N, S, E W)
  • No duplication. For example, Parsons Dr., when there is already a Parsons Rd., is not permissible, but Parsons Hill Rd would be acceptable.
  • Street names involving a full name of an individual are discouraged where the individual's last name only is an available name
  • A full continuous street name along the length of a street is encouraged. This discourages the Morehead-Queens- Providence situation.
  • Possibly offensive names are not permitted
  • No business names
  • No punctuation