Advanced Planning & Design Program

Advanced Planning & Design involves evaluating high-priority projects for potential future funding. Advanced feasibility and planning work help define project scopes, resulting in more precise cost estimates and more informed project selections. Projects in Advanced Planning & Design are not yet funded for implementation.
Projects in this program are selected based on a staff prioritization & selection process that is unique to the type of project (transportation, economic development, facility, etc.). These projects are often identified in master planning documents that have been through a rigorous development process with extensive community engagement and City Council approval.
Once a project is selected for Advanced Planning & Design, its feasibility is continually assessed as it moves through the planning phase. If the project remains feasible after completing initial planning evaluation, it will enter the design phase, where it will continue to be assessed for feasibility. This process of planning and design, which typically takes 12 to 18 months, will eventually produce a cost estimate and will be considered for inclusion in a future budget. This process allows the city to be well positioned to act quickly and implement projects as soon as funding becomes available.