Every piece of land in the city of Charlotte has an assigned zoning district and the zoning district determines how that land can be used.

A property owner who wants to use the land for a purpose outside their specified zoning district must petition the city to change the zoning district. This process is called rezoning.

Zoning Map


For Rezoning Petitioners

Schedule a Pre-Submittal Meeting

Use the link below to request a pre-submittal meeting. A rezoning pre-submittal meeting is required prior to filing a rezoning application.

Schedule a Pre-Submittal Meeting

Create an Accela Account

Create a username and password via Accela Citizen Access, the platform used for filing a rezoning application.

Accela Citizen Access

Submit Your Rezoning Application

Once you create an account in Accela Citizen Access, follow all instructions to submit your rezoning application.

Filing a Rezoning Application Instructions(PDF, 1MB)

Pay Your Rezoning Fee

A rezoning fee is required in order for an application to move forward in the rezoning process. 

Rezoning Fee Payment Instructions(PDF, 156KB)

Community Meeting Guidelines

Follow the instructions for hosting a community meeting.

For Neighbors

If you are interested in how a rezoning petition could affect your neighborhood and wish to get involved, start with these helpful PDFs:

Rezoning Process Overview

Understand key details of each step of the rezoning process.(PDF, 852KB)

Accela Citizen Access Guide

Learn how to search and find rezoning petitions online.

Accela Citizen Access Guide(PDF, 532KB)

Community Meeting Guidelines

Follow the instructions for effective community meeting participation.

Neighborhood Organization Contact List

Connect with neighborhood leaders in your community. The Neighborhood Organization Contact List is a subscription list of neighborhood leaders and residents throughout the City of Charlotte who have registered to receive communications from the city.

Rezoning Glossary

Familiarize yourself with common terms related to zoning and rezoning.

Rezoning Glossary(PDF, 112KB)