5000 Series

PDF File Title Effective Revision
5001A(PDF, 54KB) Precast Concrete Pavers for Uptown Streetscape 23
5001B(PDF, 88KB) Precast Concrete Pavers for Uptown Streetscape 23
5001C(PDF, 90KB) Precast Concrete Pavers for Uptown Streetscape 13
5003(PDF, 68KB) Concrete Control Monument Zero
5004A(PDF, 57KB) Safety Rail 16
5004B(PDF, 82KB) Safety Rail Warrants 19
5005A(PDF, 43KB) Street Name Sign 23
5005B(PDF, 522KB) Street Name Sign 9
5006(PDF, 49KB) Street Sign Installation Locations 13
5007A(PDF, 101KB) Dead End Street Barricade Zero
5007B(PDF, 97KB) Dead End Street Barricade General Notes Zero
5008A(PDF, 84KB) End of Roadway Marker (ER-1) 4
5008B(PDF, 71KB) End of Roadway Marker (ER-1) Guard Rail Clamp Installation 4
5008C(PDF, 60KB) Street Connectivity Sign for End-of-Road Barrier 4
5009A(PDF, 76KB) Parking Standards Zero
5009B(PDF, 80KB) Parking Standards Continued 1
5009C(PDF, 59KB) Parallel Parking Standards 23
5009D(PDF, 101KB) Accessible On-street Parallel Parking 23
5010A(PDF, 173KB) Accessible Parking and Signage Standards 23
5010B(PDF, 159KB) Supplemental Van Accessible Sign (R7-8P) 18
5010C(PDF, 104KB) Supplemental Accessible Sign 18
5011(PDF, 89KB) Signage and Pavement Markings at Roundabouts 1
5012(PDF, 61KB) Emergency Vehicle Median Crossover 13
5013(PDF, 71KB) Directional Crossover with Raised Medians Zero
5014(PDF, 450KB) Piano-style Crosswalk 9
5015(PDF, 57KB) Raised Crosswalk 23
5020(PDF, 75KB) Inverted U Rack Bicycle Parking 15
5021(PDF, 71KB) Post and Ring Bike Rack 15
5022(PDF, 58KB) Bicycle Lockers Zero