Construction Phase

Once plans are approved by Land Development, CDOT, and NCDOT, site construction can commence. Projects involving less than one acre of land disturbance can begin construction immediately. If a project involves clearing or grading of more than one acre of land, the developer and/or contractor should submit the on-line Pre-Construction Meeting Request Form 48 hours in advance to request a Pre-Construction Meeting. 

During construction, the Urban Forestry staff oversees tree protection and the planting of trees on commercial sites and in new residential subdivisions. Urban Forestry Specialists will inspect sites for Commercial Zoning requirements as well as Tree Ordinance requirements.

Construction Inspectors review sites for requirements of City Code Chapter 19 (Streets, Sidewalks, and other Public Places), and also ensure that construction is done per the Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual.

Need to determine who your Erosion Control, Construction, or Urban Forestry/Zoning inspector is? 

Visit Charlotte Explorer and type in your address. Be sure that you click the check box for, and expand the layer group called "Planning,"; then check the box for the layer called “Land Development Inspector Areas.”  Contact info is available by clicking a parcel, or alternatively you can visit the Contact Info page.

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