Building Permits

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Obtaining plan approval from City Land Development is really just the beginning step in the overall process of developing a commercial site in Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte. Commercial construction projects are required to have building permits for the vertical construction on-site. Appropriate permits are required for any new construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, movement to another site, removal or demolition of any building. Permits are required for the installation, extension, alteration or general repair of electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems. Separate permits are required for building, electrical, heating, air conditioning and plumbing work.

Application for Commercial site approval with City LD can be done concurrently with application for building permits at Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement; however, building permits cannot be issued by Code Enforcement until commercial plan approval has been granted by City Land Development Division, and/or the required holds on the building permits are released by Land Development.

Please Note: For building projects that require City of Charlotte site approval, the City will need to release the hold on the building permit. You must contact City of Charlotte Land Development Customer Service 704.336.6692 with the 6-digit Mecklenburg County project number so that staff can release the holds. is a the source for information on the Mecklenburg County building permit process

Commercial Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) can help with answers related to commercial building questions

Residential Technical Assistance Center (RTAC) provides technical assistance in relation to the North Carolina Building Code

Frequently Asked Questions about Building Permits and Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement

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