2021-198 Nest Home Communities, LLC (Pending)


Petitioner: Nest Home Communities, LLC

Current Zoning: R-3

Proposed Zoning: UR-2(CD)

Location: Approximately 1.816 acres located on the west side of Providence Road, north of East Barden Road, and south of Fairview Road.


2021-209 Coastal Acquisition Entity, LLC (Pending)


Petitioner: Coastal Acquisition Entity, LLC

Current Zoning: R-3

Proposed Zoning: NS

Location: Approximately 1.66 acres located at the southeast intersection of Steele Creek Road and Rigsby Road, north of Dixie River Road.


2021-213 Goldberg Companies, Inc. (Pending)


Petitioner: Goldberg Companies, Inc.

Current Zoning: R-12MF(CD)

Proposed Zoning: R-12MF(CD) SPA

Location: Approximately 42.85 acres located on the south side of Pineville-Matthews Road, east of Hugh Forest Road, and west of Reverdy Lane.


2021-277 Buildom LLC (Pending)


Petitioner: Buildom LLC

Current Zoning: O-2

Proposed Zoning: NS

Location: Approximately 0.40 acres located on the east side of Providence Road, north side of Phil Aull Place, south of South Colonial Avenue.


2021-120 Maria Mergianos (Pending)


Petitioner: Maria Mergianos

Current Zoning: B-1 and O-2

Proposed Zoning: NS

Location: Approximately 0.45 acres located on the east side of The Plaza, south of Mecklenburg Avenue and north of Mimosa Avenue.