***For all 2020 rezoning petitions, please use the following link for Accela by clicking here.***

***For instructions on how to navigate Accela, please click here.***

Rezoning. What is it?

Zoning regulations are the rules that determine how parcels of land may be used. When owners want to develop or use their property in ways that do not conform to their current zoning regulations, they must apply for a change to their zoning classification, also commonly referred to as a Rezoning.  

To Schedule a Rezoning Pre-application Meeting click the image below:

 PreApplication Meeting

Planning, Design & Development is excited to announce that beginning in 2020 rezonings will be in Accela. Accela is an online based service allowing us to process, track and manage rezoning petitions. Accela Citizen Access (ACA) allows rezoning petitioners to apply for a rezoning, and provides the public with access to rezoning petition information, processing status and related rezoning documents.

Additionally, Accela allows us to utilize paperless applications, offer our partner departments the opportunity to review and comment on rezonings digitally, reduce email correspondence, and increase transparency for the public.

Rezoning petitions beginning with RZP-2020 and going forward can be found in Accela, as well as our webpage. All 2019 and prior petitions will still be on

Go to for instructions on how to search for and find 2020 rezonings on Accela.  If you have questions, call the Planning, Design and Development Department at 704.336.2205 and ask to speak with a rezoning staff member.

Accela Citizen Access

*You do not need to register an account to search for and view rezoning petitions in Accela*

  Instructions for Filing Rezoning Application in Accela

Rezoning Petitions

  Planning Department Staff Customer Service Map 

Rezoning Customer Service Map

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For Information regarding the Rezoning Process

Please contact Planning Staff:

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emailLisa Arnold                ​ phone contect704.336.5967

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