Storm Water Design Manual

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Design Manual provides technical and engineering procedures to assist in the design and evaluation of stormwater management facilities in the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. It provides engineering design guidance to:

  • local agencies responsible for implementing the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Management Program
  • engineers responsible for the design of stormwater management structures
  • developers involved in site planning and design
  • others involved in stormwater management at various levels who may find the manual useful as a technical reference to define and illustrate engineering design techniques

Cover Sheet(PDF, 43KB)

Table of Contents(PDF, 62KB)

Chapter 1 - Introduction(PDF, 52KB)

Chapter 2 - Hydrology(PDF, 546KB)

Chapter 3 - Open Channel Hydraulics(PDF, 2MB)

Chapter 4 - Storm Drainage Systems(PDF, 1MB)

Chapter 5 - Design of Culverts(PDF, 4MB)

Chapter 6 - Storage and Detention(PDF, 402KB)

Chapter 7 - Energy Dissipation(PDF, 1MB)

References(PDF, 28KB)