Food and Alcohol Sales


Mecklenburg County Health Department, 980.314.1620

In addition to the requirements outlined by the Business Privilege License Office, all food vendors must comply with regulations determined by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Department of Environmental Health and the City of Charlotte Fire Department. All food vendors will be inspected by the Mecklenburg County Health Department and the City Fire Prevention Bureau prior to the event’s opening.

Temporary Event Organizer Application

If the event contains temporary food vending/preparation services, the Event Organizer is required to provide information through the Temporary Event Organizer Application. All Temporary Food Service Facilities must operate in conjunction with the event and be located within the event site. This application must be reviewed before Environmental Health staff will issue a permit for the operation of a temporary food service facility. All applications must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the event.  No TFE applications will be accepted after this deadline.

Temporary Food Establishment Organizer Application(PDF, 444KB)

Temporary Food Establishment Food Vendor Application

Food Vendor Applications must also be submitted for each food vendor. This application must be reviewed before Environmental Health staff will issue a permit for the operation of a temporary food service facility. A fee of $75.00 per permit must be paid with each Food Vendor Application. All applications and fees must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the event.  No TFE applications will be accepted after this deadline.

Payment(s), along with the application(s), may be mailed or delivered to:

Mecklenburg County Health Department

3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 8000
Charlotte, NC 28208

Credit card payments may be made by calling: 980.314.1620

Temporary Food Establishment Food Vendor Application(PDF, 367KB)

Charlotte Fire Department Regulations for Prepared Food Sites

  • The Charlotte Fire Department will inspect every food vending site to ensure safety for the public and vendor.
  • All tents used for cooking purposes, regardless of size, shall be flame retardant, properly ventilated, accessible on all sides, and separated from other tents by 20 feet.
  • Cooking, warming devices, and/or heated products shall be isolated from the public by either placing the cooking appliance a minimum of 4 feet from the public or by providing a Plexiglas shield between the cooking and/or warming appliances and the public.
  • Combustible materials shall be kept a minimum of 3 feet away from any cooking area.
  • Each cooking tent shall be equipped with a K-type fire extinguisher. The extinguisher shall have a current inspection tag, be located between the grill/fryer and exit, and be easily accessible.
  • All LP gas cylinders used for cooking fuel must be secured to prevent tipping. For events lasting more than one day, all LP tanks shall be closed at the cylinder each night unless attended. Compressed gas cylinders may not be changed while cooking is taking place.


NC Alcohol and Beverage Commission, 919.779.0700

Event organizers planning to sell beer or wine must receive a permit from the North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control Commission. Additionally, a local City Beer/Wine Permit is required if the sale and consumption of alcohol will occur on a public street. If approval is granted for the sale, possession, or consumption of beer or wine for a special event, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will require the event organizer to submit an alcohol control plan to ensure that the sale of alcohol to the public is done in a safe and legal manner. Unless approval is given in advance, the City will require the event organizer to cease selling alcohol one hour prior to the end of the event or at the point in time that it is determined by CMPD that the behavior of the crowd necessitates it.

The Event Site Map should identify EACH alcohol sales location and specify the type of alcohol available.

NC ABC Special One-Time Permit

The State of North Carolina Alcohol and Beverage Commission requires a Special One Time Event Sales permit. This permit also requires approval by CMPD. This permit must be obtained before a Public Assembly Permit can be issued. For additional information, visit the State of NC website:

NC ABC Permit Information

City of Charlotte Beer Wine Permit Application

The City of Charlotte requires approval from the Department of Transportation and Department of Risk Management to temporarily possess open containers of alcohol on public property. Approval of this permit requires proof of event insurance with host liquor liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000.

City of Charlotte Beer Wine Permit Application(PDF, 79KB)

CMPD Alcohol Beverage Control

Alcoholic Beverage Control Unit

Alcohol Seller/Service Training

It is strongly encouraged that the organizations and/or individuals serving alcohol at the event receive alcohol server/seller training. Mecklenburg County ABC offers free training through their Alcohol Seller/Service Excellence Training (ASSET) program.

Mecklenburg County ABC ASSET Program