ABC Unit

The primary mission of the ABC Unit is the enforcement of the State Alcoholic Beverage Control laws and the Controlled Substances Act. Special attention is directed towards the possession and use of alcohol by underage persons and the prevention of violent crime due to alcohol and drug abuse. It is our overall objective to provide uniform control over the sale, purchase, transportation, manufacture, consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages in metropolitan Charlotte.

Alcohol law enforcement officers are available to answer questions and provide information. The officers have a right to inspect establishments holding ABC permits. They may inspect all parts of licensed premises and they may take any enforcement action for illegal activities on the licensed premises, including but not limited to issuing criminal citations and administrative violations.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is responsible for the following ABC permits. All ABC permit forms and applications can be found at


Local Government Opinion Form:
The following attachment outlines what documents CMPD requires in order to process this form(PDF, 96KB) and what an applicant can expect during the investigation. The ABC Unit has up to 15 days upon receipt of a complete packet to investigate, process, and sign the Local Government Opinion Form.

Special One Time Permit:
All required documents listed on the Special One Time Permit application must be submitted with the application for signature. CMPD is responsible for signing this application stating that we have been notified of your event. This form may take up to 7 business days to process. Please be sure to factor this time in when submitting your paperwork, as the ABC Commission requires the completed application be submitted at least 14 days prior to your event.

Temporary Extension Permit:
CMPD must receive the Temporary Extension permit to sign and a diagram showing the extension of premises.

All paperwork is to be dropped off at CMPD Headquarters at 601 E. Trade Street at the rotunda or can be emailed to Local Government Opinion Forms and Permits are assigned to Officers based on geographical location.Please leave copies only and do not include checks or money orders or fingerprint cards.

The ABC Unit is responsible for quelling the use of liquor at Non-ABC Permitted Clubs and liquor houses.

What is a liquor house?
  • A liquor house is a residence or commercial building where alcohol is served and operates like a bar or club without ABC permits, typically in residential neighborhoods.
  • Liquor houses generally operate during late night and early morning hours on a somewhat regular basis.

What is a Non-ABC Permitted Club?
  • A Non-ABC Permitted Club is similar to a liquor house, but typically operates out of a commercial building such as a warehouse, garage, storage unit, or vacant building.
  • They operate like a bar or a club, but are open as an “after hours club”. People typically arrive after 2:00am after the bars and nightclubs close.

Why should you be concerned about Liquor Houses or Non-ABC Permitted Clubs?
  • Most are operating in violation of the City’s Dancehall ordinance and are not permitted for assembly by the Charlotte Fire Department.
  • They are also generating violent crime such as homicide, aggravated assaults, shots being fired, and fights.

How can you report a Liquor House or Non-ABC Permitted Club?
  • If the location is currently active and appears to be operating, call 911 to report the location.
  • Be sure to let the 911 operator know that you suspect the location is operating as a liquor house or illegal club.
  • You can also request to remain anonymous and to not be seen by the responding Officers.
  • If the location is not currently operating, but you are aware or suspicious of its existence, you can call the VICE hotline at 704-336-VICE (8423) to report the location.

The ABC Unit consists of several officers and one Sergeant.
Detective J. Kerl
Detective E. Mickley
Detective C. Denton
Detective D. Graham
Detective E. Gulka
Detective T. Cook
Detective J. Varela
Detective D. Youngblood

Sergeant R. Stark

Support Contact: Danielle Strayer - Permits Coordinator
Phone: 704-432-0428

For more information, visit the local state ABC website: