Rail Trail Bridge

  • Project typeBridges, Transportation
  • Project budgetTo be determined
  • Project phaseCurrent Status: Real Estate Acquisition
A close-up view of the Rail Trail Bridge showing a woman with a stroller walking on it

An aerial rendering of the bridge spanning I-277

Above: Consultant rendering of the Rail Trail Bridge. For illustrative purposes only. Specific features and amenities could change.

Project Overview

This project will provide a new bicycle and pedestrian connection over I-277 from the CATS Blue Line Stonewall Station to where the existing Rail Trail ends under the East Morehead Street bridge, north of Carson Street. The project will seamlessly provide Rail Trail users direct access to and from Center City and South End.

Project Updates

April 13, 2023 - The real estate acquisition phase is winding down and the project team is working toward 100% design submission. Last year's 90% design plan and estimate submission revealed that inflation had affected the pricing of several major materials required for construction. After further investigation of the hostile bid environment, the decision was made to take the project through various value engineering exercises to bring the project's cost estimate down to better align with the project's budget. The design team is currently preparing the plans for a 100% submission in the coming month and then start the bid process later this year in 2023. Construction is expected to start in 2024.

Project Goals

  • To provide connectivity to the Rail Trail and remove I-277 as an obstacle between South End and Center City

  • To provide a safe, direct, car-free route for bicyclists and pedestrians

Public Involvement

The project team will engage the community at various points in the planning, design and construction process. The following public meetings have taken place:

  • Nov. 21, 2019: Project kickoff at Charlotte Powerhouse Studio (now Charlotte Urban Design Center)
  • Dec. 7, 2021: Update meeting at Charlotte Design Center


A map that shows the current route of the Rail Trail and the existing gap over I-277

The map above shows the current route of the Rail Trail and the existing gap over I-277.

A map that illustrates the approximate location of the future bridge, spanning Stonewall Street and I-277 near the Charlotte Convention Center

The map above illustrates the approximate location of the future bridge.