Whitehall/Ayrsley CNIP

photo of Ardsley Town Blvd with the Ardsley sign in the foreground

Program Overview

The Whitehall/Ayrsley CNIP is collaborative in nature and brings public agency staff together with stakeholders in the community to focus on strategic planning and project development that will create impactful change for the surrounding communities.

Program Updates

Westinghouse Boulevard Multiuse Path (May 4, 2023) - Construction continues for this project and is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.

Brown-Grier Road Upgrades (March 30, 2023) - Design and real estate acquisition is 95 percent complete. The city continues to work diligently to secure the remaining two parcels in the project limits before utility relocation can start along Brown-Grier Road. The project team will proceed to the bid phase once all parcels have been secured. During the bid phase, the city uses a competitive bidding process to procure the services of a contractor to build the project. By state law, the contract is awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. An update on the start of the bid phase will be shared once it is determined.

Why Was This Area Selected?

The Whitehall/Ayrsley area is a high-growth area of the city, with established and emerging neighborhoods and a diverse mix of office, retail and industrial employment. The Steele Creek Area Plan (adopted in 2012) splits the Whitehall/Ayrsley area into a mixed-use activity center, industrial center and wedge development. 

CNIP looks to capitalize upon, and leverage upon the assets of the area including: 

  • Its status as a large employment center, drawing workers from throughout the region

  • High growth and development in recent years

  • Close proximity to the Airport and other key transportation infrastructure

  • Opportunities to enhance amenities in the area to connect key activity nodes such as Ayrsley Town Center, Whitehall Corporate Center and the Charlotte Premium Outlet Mall.

Current Projects

Brown-Grier Road Upgrades

Status: Real Estate Acquisition and Utility Relocation

Project Cost: $18.8 million

Project Contacts

Samantha Miller, PE, Engineering Program Manager
General Services
Toni Wilson
Engineering Project Manager
General Services


Millicent Powell
Area Supervisor
Housing & Neighborhood Services

Project Overview

This project will make improvements to Brown-Grier Road between Steele Creek Road and Whitehall Park Drive. Potential improvements include additional lanes, medians, bicycle facilities, planting strips and other amenities.

Project Goals

  • To increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists in the area

  • To expand transportation options for residents and businesses in the area

Public Involvement

 A series of neighborhood meetings, public meetings and stakeholder interviews were held during the pre-planning phase for the Whitehall/Ayrsley CNIP. .

Public meetings for this specific project will take place during the planning phase. So far, the project team has hosted the following public meetings:

  • April 17, 2018 at Kennedy High School
  • February 16, 2017 at Kennedy High School

Westinghouse Boulevard Multiuse Path

Status: Utility Relocation and Construction

Project Cost: $6.5 million

Project Contacts

Lamar Davis, Engineering Project Manager
General Services

Paul Benton, PE, Project Manager
Charlotte Department of Transportation

Tracey Cobbs, Construction Inspector
General Services

Terrance Piggee, Construction Service Agent

General Services

Project Overview

This project will construct a multiuse path for bicyclists and pedestrians along Westinghouse Boulevard between South Tryon Street and Shopton Road West.

Project Goals

  • To provide a safe transportation alternative for bicyclists and pedestrians along the Westinghouse Boulevard corridor

Public Involvement

 A series of neighborhood meetings, public meetings and stakeholder interviews were held during the pre-planning phase for the Whitehall/Ayrsley CNIP.