Matheson Avenue Bridge Streetscape

  • Project typeEconomic Development
  • Project budget$14.7 million (includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping.)
  • Project phaseBid

a rendering of a cross-section of the roadway with barrier rails and sidewalk on both of the bridge, a two-way cycle track on the left, a 3-foot-wide buffer in the middle and two travel lanes

A rendering of a cross-section of the Matheson Avenue bridge. For illustrative purposes only.

Part of the Applied Innovation Corridor

Project Overview

The Matheson Avenue Bridge streetscape project is the first of several projects scheduled in the North End Applied Innovation Corridor. This project will incorporate pedestrian, bicycle and aesthetic improvements on Matheson Avenue from North Tryon Street to Jordan Place, providing improved connections between North Tryon Street and the LYNX Blue Line, the Cross Charlotte Trail and the popular NoDa area. 

This project will include a two-way cycle track along the south side and sidewalk along the south and north sides of Matheson Avenue. A three-foot-wide curb will be between the cycle track and the roadway.

The Matheson Avenue Street Conversion project, part of the city's bicycle program, is adjacent to this one and will provide streetscape improvements along Matheson Avenue between Jordan Place and The Plaza.

Benefits identified from these potential improvements:

  • Provides connections to nearby LYNX Blue Line stations

  • Provides transportation choices for cycling and walking, specifically with this being only one of two facilities that cross the Norfolk Southern rail yard and LYNX Blue Line. The other roadway within the North End that crosses the rail yard is 16th Street.

  • Complements other public investments in the area, such as the LYNX Blue Line, the Cross Charlotte Trail (XCLT), North Tryon Business Corridor Improvements and the Northeast Corridor Infrastructure Program (NECI). 

  • Provides potential leverage for public/private partnership - market analysis identified area in vicinity as strong potential for development

Project Goals

  • To provide safe travel connections for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists over the railyard and into the surrounding communities

  • To provide aesthetic improvements for a more pleasing streetscape

Public Involvement

The City of Charlotte engage the community to gain input on the preliminary design that reflects the regions vision for infrastructure connectivity. 

May 10, 2017: Joint public meeting with the Cross Charlotte Trail: Davidson to Matheson segment, at the Belmont Center.

May 11-June 12, 2017: Online meeting for this project and the Cross Charlotte Trail.