3000 Series

PDF File Title Effective Revision
3000(PDF, 88KB) Special Erosion Control Requirements & Notes 24
3001(PDF, 112KB) Temporary Sediment Trap 15
3002A(PDF, 642KB) Skimmer Sediment Basin 22
3002B(PDF, 42KB) Skimmer 12
3003A(PDF, 659KB) Sediment Basin 22
3003B(PDF, 89KB) General Notes - Sediment Basins 24
3004(PDF, 108KB) Flexible Pipe Slope Drain 20
3005(PDF, 58KB) Temporary Silt Ditch 22
3006A(PDF, 69KB) Temporary Silt Fence 15
3006B(PDF, 79KB) High Hazard Temporary Silt Fence 15
3006C(PDF, 91KB) Silt Fence Outlet 20
3006D(PDF, 144KB) Super Silt Fence 18
3007(PDF, 113KB) Block and Gravel Stone Inlet Protection Zero
3008(PDF, 132KB) Stone Inlet Protection Zero
3009(PDF, 150KB) Hardware Cloth and Gravel Inlet Protection 1
3010A(PDF, 83KB) Temporary Rock Check Dam 15
3010B(PDF, 699KB) Temporary Rock Check Dam With Matting and PAM 22
3010C(PDF, 82KB) Temporary Wattle Check Dam With Matting 24
3010D(PDF, 102KB) Temporary Wattle Check Dam With Matting and PAM 24
3011A(PDF, 95KB) Stabilized Construction Entrance 15
3011B(PDF, 56KB) Construction Entrance Tire Wash 15
3011C(PDF, 88KB) Construction Entrance - Single Family Lot 12
3012(PDF, 117KB) Gravel and Rip-Rap Filter Berm Basin 19
3013(PDF, 66KB) Erosion Control Dewatering Zero
3014(PDF, 92KB) Temporary Stream Crossing 15
3015(PDF, 64KB) Catch Basin Inlet Protection 13
3016(PDF, 42KB) Slope Stability 12
3017(PDF, 88KB) Temporary Seeding Schedule 9
3018(PDF, 58KB) Temporary Rolled Asphalt Berm 21
3019(PDF, 85KB) Baffle Installation 22
3020(PDF, 69KB) Embankment Matting Detail 22
3021(PDF, 83KB) Brick Storm Structure with Temporary Pipe Zero
3022A(PDF, 49KB) Bypass Pumping 24
3022B(PDF, 36KB) Suspended Bypass Pipe 15
3022C(PDF, 36KB) Piped Diverson 15
3023(PDF, 120KB) Turbidity Curtain 18