Sidewalk Bond Program

Historically, required sidewalk for an entire project would be installed by the developer prior to home construction. The traffic, heavy vehicles and large equipment associated with subsequent home construction resulted in extensive sidewalk damage which required repair -- and often replacement -- at the expense of the developer.

The Sidewalk Bond Program was developed to allow the posting of a separate surety (usually posted by the builder) specifically as a guarantee of sidewalk improvements associated with home lots. Sidewalk improvements are installed following completion of each home, reducing construction-related damage and expense.

With a sidewalk surety in place, the developer can complete all infrastructure improvements (storm drain, street, curb, gutter, etc.), complete a final inspection, successfully apply for street acceptance and have their developer subdivision surety released and returned to them. 

To participate in the Sidewalk Bond Program, the owner must request calculation of a separate sidewalk surety on the Surety Preferences Selection Form(PDF, 322KB) initially submitted with the plat to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission.

Important notes regarding the Sidewalk Bond Program:

  • Lots are eligible for a sidewalk bond only if they front right-of-way that is part of the same plat
  • Required sidewalk associated with common open space and with right-of-way that extends into adjacent plats will be covered by the developer subdivision surety and must be installed prior to the final inspection and formal street acceptance.