CBI Certified Vendors

MWSBE Certified Vendors Lists and Commodity Codes

MWSBE Certified Vendors Lists & Commodity Codes

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Supplier Diversity Management System

Note: This spreadsheet contains four tabs. The first tab includes the complete City of Charlotte certified MWSBE list; the second tab lists only City registered MBEs; the third tab lists only City registered WBEs; and the fourth tab lists only City certified SBEs. Please ensure that you are using the appropriate tab when searching for MWSBEs to meet project goals.

Commodity Codes

The City of Charlotte utilizes commodity codes provided by NIGP to identify scopes of work a vendor can provide.

Click here to view the list of Commodity C odes the City uses for its vendor profiles.


  • Codes beginning with a #0-8 represent Goods & Commodities
  • Codes beginning with a #9 represent Services & Trades