About General Services


The Department of General Services employs over 400 people and is among the most diverse departments in the City of Charlotte organization. The department does the following:

2[1].png We Buy

We acquire and contract the property and services needed to build and maintain city infrastructure projects. We also procure goods and services citywide.

3[1].png We Build

We manage the design and construction of city infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, trails, cultural facilities and police and fire stations.

1[1].png We Maintain

We manage and maintain fleet vehicles for the city and county. We also maintain city-owned properties, public cemeteries and cultural facilities.

4[1].png We Protect

We protect the environment by administering the city's Strategic Energy Action Plan and maintaining and preserving Charlotte's iconic tree canopy.


General Services is responsible for...

   7,000 vehicles
and equipment units

   200,000+ trees
in public rights-of-way

   4.4 million+ square feet
across 186+ facilities