Adoption Prices / Specials

ACC has a wide range of adoption specials and programs to bring animals and people together. We have a wide variety of animals available for adoption. Dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, small pets (rabbits and guinea pigs are the most common), farm pets.

Fees tend to range from $10 to $118 depending on the species, gender, and sometimes size of the adoptable pet. We also have adoption specials where designated pets are free with a monetary donation. Those are announced on our social channels. Below you'll see the general pricing of our adoptable pets.

You'll also find the programs we have in place for certain pets. We have pets who have come in spayed/neutered and/or microchipped so they have a reduced adoption fee as we don't make you pay for a service that was already done. We also have pets who are free to adopt for any number of reasons: VIP, Extended Stay Guests, and heartworm positive dogs qualify for a free adoption with a monetary donation.

By making a monetary donation, you can pay for someone's adoption fee! You can also help us purchase supplies needed for the animals in our care.


Dog/Puppy Fees

Adult Dogs (4+ months):             

Adoption fee - $30
Spay fee - $70
Neuter fee - $65
Microchip - $8
License - $10
Spay Total - $118
Neuter Total - $113 


Puppies (under 4 months):

Adoption fee - $30
Spay fee - $70
Neuter fee - $65
Microchip - $8
Spay Total - $108
Neuter Total - $103 




Cat/Kittens Fees

Adult Cats (4+ months):

Adoption fee - $30
Spay fee - $50
Neuter fee - $45
Microchip - $8
License - $10
Spay Total - $98
Neuter Total - $93


Kittens (under 4 months):

Adoption fee - $30
Spay fee - $50
Neuter fee - $45
Microchip - $8
Spay Total - $88
Neuter Total - $83


Small Pet Fees

Rabbits $58 each
Guinea Pigs $5 each
Rats $2 each
Hamsters $3
Gerbils $3
Mice $1
Ferrets $25
Snakes $25-$75
Iguanas $25-$75
Parakeets/Canaries $10
Finches $5
Fish $2

Farm Pets

If you live in Mecklenburg County and wish to adopt livestock or farm pets, a livestock permit is required prior to adoption.
Prices of adoption will vary based on the type of animal and size. Some livestock are required to be auctioned.

Chickens $2
Turkeys $5
Other fowl
Goats $15
Pigs $5-$25 (Depends on size)


Reduced Adoption Fee

Some of our adoptable pets will have varied reduced prices due to having had services, which we usually provide, completed prior to coming to our shelter.  We are happy to pass this savings on to the new owners. This may include spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, or both.  As always, we recommend that you visit our shelter pets in person to select the best fit for your family. When you have decided, you will be given the background information and final price for your rescued pet. This status only applies to those animals listed as "I qualify for Reduced Adoption Fee". (A $10 license applies to Mecklenburg County pet owners.)

*A $10 license applies to Mecklenburg County pet owners when adopting.

At times we have adoption specials where prices are waived with a monetary donation amount of your choice. Know that we are putting over $400-$700 into each pet so please be generous when donating. Your donations help us continue to provide care to the animals that we house daily.


Extended Stay Guests/VIP

When you find an adoptable pet that has a red "Extended Stay Guest" sticker on their profile picture, it means that pet has been with us, either at the shelter or in foster care, for a minimum of 2 months; many of them have been there for a lot longer. Sometimes they are at the shelter for that time without any kind of foster breaks. We hope that you'll consider these pets first, to provide them the home they so desperately need.

These pets are also considered to be VIP's: Very Important Pets for a Very Impressive Price! These wonderful pets may have been with us a while and keep getting over looked, or they are just a bit more matured and settled, or we simply have too many of the same color and breed. The VIP status helps to show off the great pets that are looking for some extra attention. VIPs are only $10 to adopt and only apply to those animals listed with a "I qualify for VIP".


extended stay guest.jpg


Our early budget does not allow us to purchase and supply treatment for heartworms. Your generous donations help us keep this program going! Help us treat heartworms by making a monetary donation!

How we treat heartworms:

ACC is dedicated to treating as many heartworm-positive dogs as we can in order to ensure that these dogs are able to be adopted into happy homes. The number of heartworm-positive dogs in our community is overwhelming! Because of this, we are using a unique approach to heartworm treatment that allows us to treat far more dogs than traditional treatment would allow.

Medications Used:
Advantage Multi is a topical heartworm preventative that also treats active hookworm infections. It has also shown potential as a heartworm treatment alternative in cases where traditional treatment is not feasible.

Doxycycline is an antibiotic that is used for 28 days to rid the heartworms of a bacteria called Wolbachia that causes more adverse reactions during treatment.

This treatment will not interfere in any way with a traditional treatment plan should you choose to pursue that once you have adopted.

The Process:
You will be provided with a treatment sheet that you can use to help remind you of the dates to apply the Advantage Multi. When the last dose has been given, please schedule an appointment for a heartworm test with us using our WaitWhile appointment system.

Dogs that come in with heartworms are FREE to adopt which will contribute to providing treatment with your own veterinarian. This status only applies to those animals listed with a "I qualify for heartworm". (A low $10 license applies to Mecklenburg County pet owners). A monetary donation is welcome to help pay-it-forward for other heartworm treatments. 

Pets for the Elderly

ACC is now an official partner shelter for Pets for the Elderly Foundation, which helps with the cost of adoptions and additional pet-related expenses for senior citizens.  The organization's mission is to help reduce the number of animals in shelters and provide companionship, health and happiness to senior citizens. Animal Care & Control was awarded a grant from Pets for the Elderly Foundation to expand its adoption program for senior citizens in 2021 and has been renewed for 2022. Through the new program, seniors in our community (ages 60+) can adopt an animal companion (up to 2) for free* and will receive a six-month supply of heartworm and flea/tick preventatives with each adoption.

*Due to county regulations, a $10 license fee is required for seniors 60 – 61 years of age living in Mecklenburg County.