Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Design Manual​

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is currently in the process of revising the BMP Design Manual. As part of this process, a draft version of the Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Design Manual can be viewed here. Please contact Gurveer Uppal with any questions at

View the SCM Design Manual Update Summary ‐ 2023(PDF, 141KB)

Cover and Table of Contents(PDF, 661KB)

Chapter 1(PDF, 96KB) - Introduction

Chapter 2(PDF, 368KB) - Ordinances

Chapter 3(PDF, 2MB) - Hydrology

Chapter 4.0(PDF, 239KB) - Structural Stormwater Controls

Chapter 4.1(PDF, 4MB) - Bioretention SCM

Chapter 4.2(PDF, 4MB) - Wet Pond SCM

Chapter 4.3(PDF, 835KB) - Storm Water Wetland SCM

Chapter 4.4(PDF, 1MB) - Enhanced Grass Swale SCM

Chapter 4.6(PDF, 907KB) - Infiltration Trench SCM

Chapter 4.7(PDF, 1MB) - Filter Strip/Wooded Buffer Strip SCM

Chapter 4.8(PDF, 2MB) - Sand Filter SCM

Chapter 4.9(PDF, 2MB) - Extended Dry Detention SCM 

Chapter 4.11(PDF, 2MB) - Green Roof SCM

Chapter 4.12(PDF, 3MB) - Permeable Pavement SCM

Chapter 4.13(PDF, 3MB) - Rainwater Harvesting SCM

Chapter 5(PDF, 5MB) - Outlet Structures

Chapter 6(PDF, 159KB) - Vegetation and Landscaping

Appendix A - Plant List Development(PDF, 153KB)
Appendix A - Mecklenburg County BMP Plant List(PDF, 346KB)
Appendix B - Mecklenburg County Invasive & Exotic Plant List(PDF, 102KB)
Appendix C - Mecklenburg County Seed Mix List(PDF, 94KB)
Appendix D - Plant Spacing(PDF, 779KB)