Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Design Manual​

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is currently in the process of revising the BMP Design Manual. As part of this process, a draft version of the Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Design Manual can be viewed here. Please contact Jordan Miller with any questions at 

Cover and Table of Contents(PDF, 683KB)

Chapter 1(PDF, 96KB) - Introduction

MDC A(PDF, 219KB)– Requirements

A-1(PDF, 246KB) – Runoff Treatment & Volume Match

A-2(PDF, 591KB) – Soils

A-3(PDF, 532KB) – Vegetation

A-4(PDF, 198KB) – Built-Upon Area

A-5(PDF, 738KB) – Common Structures and Materials

A-6(PDF, 445KB) – Construction

A-7(PDF, 173KB) – Operation and Maintenance

A-8(PDF, 389KB) – Guidance on SCM Selection

A-9(PDF, 527KB) - Vegetated Setbacks

Chapter 2(PDF, 375KB) - Ordinances

Chapter 3(PDF, 494KB) - Hydrology

Chapter 4.0(PDF, 196KB) – MDC for all SCMs

Chapter 4.1(PDF, 832KB) – Infiltration System

Chapter 4.2(PDF, 4MB) – Bioretention 

Chapter 4.3(PDF, 5MB) – Wet Pond

Chapter 4.4(PDF, 4MB) – Stormwater Wetland

Chapter 4.5(PDF, 3MB) – Permeable Pavement

Chapter 4.6(PDF, 2MB) – Sand Filter

Chapter 4.7(PDF, 3MB) – Rainwater Harvesting

Chapter 4.8(PDF, 2MB) – Green Roof

Chapter 4.9(PDF, 1MB) – Level Spreader – Filter Strip

Chapter 4.10(PDF, 2MB) – Disconnected Impervious Surface

Chapter 4.11(PDF, 1MB) – Grass Channel 

Chapter 4.12(PDF, 2MB) – Extended Dry Detention

Chapter 4.13(PDF, 102KB) - Proprietary SCMs

Chapter 4.13.1(PDF, 505KB) – StormFilter by Contech

Chapter 4.13.2(PDF, 1MB) – Silva Cell Suspended Pavement with Bioretention by DeepRoot

Chapter 4.13.3(PDF, 2MB) – Filterra by Contech

Chapter 4.13.4(PDF, 487KB) – BayFilter by ADS 

Appendix A - Mecklenburg County BMP Plant List(PDF, 351KB)
Appendix B - Mecklenburg County Invasive & Exotic Plant List(PDF, 214KB)
Appendix C - Mecklenburg County Seed Mix List(PDF, 96KB)