Notification, Insurance, Licenses


Event Organizers are responsible for notifying the appropriate City Council member, residents, businesses (including parking facility managers) and churches within or adjacent to your event site or parade route.

It is important to understand that the success and longevity of your event depends largely upon the relationships cultivated with businesses and residents within or adjacent to your event site.

Your notification must include the dates and times of all street closures associated with your event, local access information, locations of stages and major exhibits, as well as the hours of any amplified sound, if applicable. Event organizers are also encouraged to present these plans to affected residents at a neighborhood association or homeowner association meeting.

Event Organizers will be required to show proof of notification(PDF, 67KB) prior to receiving a Public Assembly Permit. Proof of notification should include copies of the letter/email of event notification, a list of names/addresses of the people who received notification, and the date that notification was distributed. It is suggested that you get written acknowledgment of notification for your records.

Charlotte City Council Districts

Charlotte City Council Representatives

Center City Charlotte Neighborhoods


Division of Insurance and Risk Management, 704.336.3305

Events using public property are required to secure an insurance policy for the event that includes the City of Charlotte as additionally insured with limits determined by the City’s Department of Risk Management. The event organizer shall purchase and maintain this insurance, providing coverage for the event with an insurance company authorized to do business in the State of North Carolina.

The following insurance coverage generally applies: General Liability at limits of $1,000,000 bodily injury and property damage. If alcohol is served at the event, Liquor Liability at limits of $1,000,000 for each incident is also required.

An original certificate naming the “City of Charlotte, its officers, employees and agents” as additional insured must be provided to the City prior to the issuance of any special event permit.


CMPD Field Services Division, 704.432.0428

Sound magnified through any amplification device (speakers, microphone, bullhorn, etc.) is considered amplified sound and is regulated through the City’s Noise Ordinance (Section 15-64). The Noise Ordinance outlines specific levels of amplified sound allowed depending on the location and time of the event.

Events receiving a Public Assembly or Parade Permit do not need to apply for additional permits for amplified sound.

All other events, must submit an application to the CMPD’s Field Services Division for an amplified sound permit on either the public right-of-way or private property.

City/County Noise Ordinance Information and Amplified Sound Permit Applications


Mecklenburg County Business License Tax Office, 704.336.6315

Beer and Wine Sales License

If Beer and Wine will be sold at the event, the event organizer must also obtain the appropriate Beer and Wine Privilege Licenses (#126 and #373 respectively) from the Business Privilege License Office. Event organizers must show a copy of their NC ABC One-Time Alcohol Sales permit to receive this license.

Prepared Food and Beverage License

All food and beverage vendors must also register their prepared food and beverage revenue projections with the Business Privilege License Office. This is to ensure collection of the 1% prepared food & beverage tax. At the completion of the event, all food vendors must submit a tax return form to the Business Privilege License Office showing total food and beverage sales.

Prepared Food and Beverage Tax Return Document

Festivals, Shows and Special Events

To ensure compliance with all applicable taxes, the coordinator of a festival, show or special event should supply a list of any approved vendors to the Business Tax Collections Office at least 3 weeks prior to the festival, show or special event. The list of approved vendors should include trade name, contact name, address and telephone number.