CFD Knox Box Requirements

Knox Box rapid entry


The North Carolina Fire Code requires that key boxes, when required, be installed in an approved location. In accordance with Charlotte Fire Department guidelines, any commercial building meeting the below criteria requires the installation of a Knox Box for rapid entry by the Charlotte Fire Department:

  • High-rise buildings.
  • Gated communities (Knox Box or Knox Switch).
  • Buildings that use, store, manufacture or process hazardous materials under Title III of the Federal Super Fund Amendments.
  • Buildings equipped with a fire alarm or fire sprinkler system.
  • Buildings with elevators.
  • Other buildings that could create any unreasonable delays for CFD access, as determined by the Fire Marshal.


Box Styles and Number of Keys:
For most applications, the 3200 Series box style will suffice. The number of keys or key sets shall be as follows:

  • 1 story building: 1 set
  • 2 - 3 stories: 2 sets
  • 4 - 6 stories: 3 sets
  • High-rise buildings: 5 sets

For entry gates securing gated communities and other properties, it is recommended to have installed a Knox Electronic Switch. For electric fences, a Knox switch is required to disconnect the electric charge to the fence. 

Ordering Information:
All orders may be made on-line from the Knox Box website..
Important: For the jurisdiction, be sure to specifically indicate the box is in the jurisdiction of "Charlotte Fire Department - 500 Dalton Avenue".