Albemarle Road Pedestrian Safety & Connectivity

  • Project typeEconomic Development; Placemaking
  • Project budgetTo be determined
  • Project phaseDesign

part of Corridors of Opportunity - Albemarle Road/Central Avenue

Project Overview

The Albemarle Road and Central Avenue corridor serves as the commercial center for established neighborhoods and has the opportunity to thrive as East Charlotte continues to grow. It is also one of Charlotte’s most diverse corridors with more than 50 languages spoken. Working hand-in-hand with the community, a corridor playbook(PDF, 6MB) was developed to understand the vision and shared future of the Albemarle/Central corridor. During the playbook process, corridor residents and businesses shared their needs, desires and visions for their community.

Through collaboration with the community and key stakeholders, this project was selected as part of the playbook process. This project includes pedestrian safety and connectivity improvements in the Albemarle Road corridor between Redman Road and W.T. Harris Boulevard. The proposed improvements generally include the following:

  • A midblock crossing with a pedestrian hybrid beacon (PHB) on Central Avenue between Redman Road and Albemarle Road
  • A midblock crossing with a PHB, plus a level-one mobility hub in two locations:
    • Albemarle Road between Farm Pond Lane and Winterhaven Drive, and
    • Albemarle Road between Regal Oaks Drive and East W.T. Harris Boulevard
  • New sidewalk on the north side of Albemarle Road between Redman Road and Central Avenue
  • New sidewalk on the east side of Wilora Lake Drive from Albemarle Road north to 6301 Wilora Lake Road

Project Goals

  • To improve pedestrian safety and connectivity within the project area
  • To make infrastructure and transit improvements for multiple modes of travel: pedestrian, bicycle and motorist

Public Involvement

The following public meetings are scheduled or have taken place:

  • May 14, 2024 at Simmons YMCA

Vicinity Map

aerial map of Albemarle Corridor projects, indicated by free blocks and arrows pointing to yellow points along Albemarle Road