​Detailed Plan Review

Detailed Plan Review

The Detailed Review of a plan does not begin until the plan submittal is complete and applicable fees are paid. The review cycle is 15 business days. Please note, the review cycle begins after gateway approval. It is an internal goal of E&PM Land Development Division, Planning, and CDOT to achieve commercial plan approval in 2.5 review cycles on average.

Each team has its own review checklists that are used as a guide during detailed review:

Engineering Site Checklist(PDF, 242KB) (also contains Erosion Control items)

CDOT Site Review Checklist(PDF, 242KB)

Urban Forestry Tree Ordinance Checklist for Commercial and Urban Plan Submittals(PDF, 94KB)

Once the detailed review of the plans is conducted by all required reviewers, the reviewers will sign off in the Accela permit tracking system to indicate their review status. If a plan needs revisions, review comments (“redlines”) will be available for the applicant to review on Accela Citizen Access (ACA) upon completion of the review.


Accela Government software icon LD plan reviewers update review status in the Accela permitting system. Accela Citizen Access provides citizens, project designers, developers, and owners the ability to search for project records and track review status on-line. 

Application or Project searches can be conducted using any of the following:

  • Application / Project Number

  • Application / Project Name

  • Tax Parcel Number/Address

ACA Guide(PDF, 809KB) - A handy guide to using Accela Citizen Access

Once a permit record is selected, information displayed will include Applicant, Professional, and Owner details, Project Description, Fees paid, Inspections, Processing Status, Attached Documents (approved PDF plans if available), and Related Records.

Please visit Accela Citizen Access to begin a search for permit records. For help, please contact LD Administration at 704.336.6692.

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