​Urban Reviews

City Engineering coordinates the Urban Design Review process with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission and the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT). The Urban Design Review team will schedule the initial conceptual site plan meeting and facilitate plan/permit review and approval.  Urban Design Review includes projects zoned Uptown Mixed Use District (UMUD); Mixed Used Development Districts (MUDD); Transit Oriented District (TOD) Overlay; Pedestrian (PED) Overlay; and Transit Station (TS) Overlay Projects.

Conceptual meetings, which are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, are required prior to plan submittal.  To schedule a conceptual pre-submittal meeting, please complete an Urban Meeting Request form.

Please note, when submitting an Urban plan for review Accela Citizen Access must be used.  In the on-line application, select the appropriate Urban project type to alert reviewers that this is an Urban project. Separate user fees are applicable for plans submitted(PDF, 158KB) under the Urban Review process.

The Urban Review process is similar to the Commercial Plan Review process.  Please visit the Commercial Plan Review "Step-by-Step" for detailed information on navigating the process.

Please contact Cate Marshall, Urban Project Coordinator, at 704.336.3599, with any questions.