Charlotte Mayor and City Council Candidate Requests for Information

About the Mayor and Charlotte City Council

Charlotte voters elect the mayor and 11 City Council members every two years. The mayor and four council members are elected at large by a citywide vote. Seven council members are elected from districts by voters who live in each district.

The City Council adopts policies, approves the financing of all city operations, and enacts ordinances, resolutions and orders. The council also authorizes contracts, rezones property, and appoints the city manager, city attorney, city clerk and members of various boards and commissions.

The mayor presides at City Council meetings and officially represents the city at special ceremonies and events. The mayor pro tem, elected by a vote of the City Council, assumes all duties of the office in the mayor's absence.

Candidate Information Requests

Candidates for mayor and City Council may submit requests for information about city services, programs and more. Any information released by the city to any candidate running for mayor or City Council will be made available to all candidates.

Information released to candidates will be added to the bottom of this page. Council meeting agendas, minutes, and videos are available online.

The Mecklenburg County Board of Elections has more information on candidate filings, key election dates and more.

City of Charlotte Logo Use on Campaign Materials

The City of Charlotte prohibits the use of the service-marked crown logo on election material.

Campaign Signs on Public Property

The General Assembly of North Carolina passed Senate Bill 315 in August of 2011 that permits campaign signs in the right-of-way. Signs are permitted during the period beginning on the 30th day before the beginning date of "one-stop" early voting and ending the 10th day after the primary or election day. No campaign sign should exceed six square feet in area or 42" in height. One-stop, in-person early voting begins for the September partisan primaries on Aug. 24, 2023.

Candidate Requests and Responses

The table below lists all requests for information submitted by candidates for mayor or Charlotte City Council, and responses by the City of Charlotte.

Candidate Requests and Responses
Name of Requestor Question City Response
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (July 12)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (July 19)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (July 26)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Various Requestors  Inquiries related to candidate campaign signs  View the response(PDF, 114KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (August 2)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (August 9)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Council Member Marjorie Molina  Request for an updated list of resources/information for Minority Women and Small Business Enterprises.  CBI Resource Guide(PDF, 57KB)
 Small Business Resources(PDF, 132KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (August 16)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Council Member Victoria Watlington  Requested a listing of the upcoming vacancies/term limits for the Planning Commission that includes the dates, appointment authority, and district representation.  Planning Commission info FY24(PDF, 160KB)
Interlocal Agreement(PDF, 74KB)
 Council Member Victoria Watlington  Requested information related to the issues, barriers, and next steps regarding enforcement in entertainment areas due to concerns with noise and parking in the Wilmore neighborhood.  Wilmore Neighborhood Citizen Initiated Calls for Service from 1/1/2023-8/14/2023(PDF, 74KB)
CMPD work in Wilmore(PDF, 84KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (August 23)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (August 30)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (September 06)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Various Requestors  Weekly Request for the statistics on crime at the CLT Airport employee parking lot  View the response(PDF, 154KB)
 Council Member Marjorie Molina  Request for an update and plans for the Albemarle Rd. Corridor of Opportunity.  Albemarle Road project map and timeline.(PDF, 2MB)
 Council Member Victoria Watlington  Request for an update for Corridors across the city.  Corridors of Opportunity Presentation from September 11, 2023(PDF, 17MB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (September 13)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Council Member LaWana Mayfield  Request for information on the crime and work that is being conducted by CMPD in the Little Rock Apartments area.  Crime comparison YTD vs. 2022 for Little Rock Apartments(PDF, 5MB)
 Council Member Reneé Johnson  Status update and current map on social districts.  Social Districts(PDF, 107KB)
Plaza Midwood Social District Map(PDF, 128KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (September 20)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (September 27)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (October 04)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Council Member Victoria Watlington  Request for Year-To-Date Crime Stats by Council District  Breakdown of Part 1 Summary Criminal Incident data for 1/1 - 9/15, 2022 vs 2023(PDF, 224KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (October 18)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)
 Staff Update  Weekly CMPD Homicide Report (October 25)  View the response(PDF, 23KB)