Danté Anderson

Mayor Pro Tem District 1 Representative

Council Member Dante Anderson Danté Anderson, a Democrat, was elected in 2022 to represent District 1.

Anderson is a native of South Charlotte and attended CMS schools. She now holds a dual Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and Cinema Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Master of Fine Arts in Cinema Studies from New York University’s The Tisch School and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

She promotes the concept of achievement to all Charlotte residents, regardless of what side of the city they call home.

She is a member of the LGBTQ+ community and knows first-hand that equitable opportunity in the workplace and community are critically important aspects for Charlotte to truly be inclusive and diverse.

She has worked and lived in various metropolitan areas including the northeast and southern regions of the country as well as spending professional and personal time in cities on Charlotte’s peer city list and has been a global citizen of the international business community.

Anderson will apply her professional skills, experience, insight and local knowledge of being a native Queen City resident to advance Charlotte City Council’s key focal objectives.