Charlotte Vehicle Operations Center

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Charlotte Vehicle Operations Center (CVOC) is a 25 acre driver training facility. The facility officially opened in September 2003 as a 16  acre site with one classroom and later expanded to its current size of 25 acres and two classroom buildings in 2020.

The facility is used to train all aspects of driving and equipment usage from bicycles, Segway's, motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, tractor trailers, trailer backing, forklifts, aerial/scissor lifts, bucket trucks, loading, tie down and unloading of equipment and much more. 

The facility has several unique features that assist in providing a variety of training scenarios for driving and equipment operations.

The upper urban area and perimeter road-narrow, county/rural soft shoulder roadways with round-a-bouts, "S" curves, a road hump, and intersections. While the lower urban area simulates typical traffic conditions found in subdivisions and housing areas.

A 1,000 feet long by 80 feet wide runway with a 150 by 300 foot "T" off of it used for various course designs and highway speed simulations. The runway also features a 300 foot off road recovery area with a 5 inch drop off to demonstrate how to regain control in the event the vehicles wheels should drop from the pavement onto the shoulder.

The facility also features a 100 feet wide by 250 feet long skid pad surface that is used to teach skid control on a wet surface.

Training Offered

Defensive Driving Courses

CDL Driving Courses

Emergency Vehicle Operations

Forklift, Scissor Lift, Bucket Truck Operations

Motorcycle and Bicycle Operations

Trailer and Towing Operations

Other Training as requested