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Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Commission


The Planning Commission was formed by an Interlocal Agreement as a planning advisory body to the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County in 1954; the agreement was renewed in 1988. Its primary responsibility is to advise council on short and long-range land use and design plans and general planning matters, including land use, zoning, land development, transportation/transit, economic development and community facilities. The Planning Commission primarily conducts its business in two committees: The Planning Committee and the Zoning Committee.

The Planning Committee meets on the third Tuesday of the month to discuss long range policy issues such as area plans and Mandatory Referrals. The Committee makes recommendations concerning land use, urban design, transportation and other policies relevant to the planning process and also reviews and recommends action on capital projects and on acquisition or sale of real property (Mandatory Referrals).

The Zoning Committee meets fifteen (15) days after the City Council Zoning Public Hearing to review and discuss rezoning petitions. The Committee makes recommendations on rezoning, zoning ordinances, and regulations to Charlotte City Council and hears and decides on subdivision variances and appeals. Zoning Committee members are required to attend City Council rezoning hearings held the third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

To view the Planning Commission Rules of Procedure click on Rules of Procedure(PDF, 66KB)


The Planning Commission is composed of 14 members (2 appointed by the Mayor, 5 appointed by City Council, 7 appointed by County Commission – including 2 nominated by the Board of Education). City Council appointees must take an oath of office. All members are subject to City Council's Attendance and Anti-Harassment Policies, Code of Ethics, Gift Policy, and Disclosure Requirements.  Each member must file a Statement of Economic Interest by February 1st of each year.

The term of office is three (3) years with a maximum of two consecutive terms.  Membership on the two committees rotates to allow commissioners to serve on both during their tenure.

To view the Charlotte, NC Code of Ordinances click on "City Code".

Planning Commission Members


Keba Samuel, Chairperson, Planning Commission

Chairperson, Planning Committee

Andrew Blumenthal, Vice-Chairperson, Planning Committee

Clayton Sealey, Planning Committee

Shana Neeley, Planning Committee

Terry Lansdell, Planning Committee

Rebekah Whilden, Planning Committee

Fredrick Winiker, Planning Committee


Phillip Gussman, Vice-Chairperson, Planning Commission

Chairperson, Zoning Committee

Douglas Welton, Vice-Chairperson, Zoning Committee

Ronnie Harvey, Zoning Committee

Melissa Gaston, Zoning Committee

Courtney Rhodes, Zoning Committee

Will Russell, Zoning Committee

As of April 2020, Planning Commission meetings are streamed live on the Charlotte Planning, Development & Design Facebook page.  You may call the Planning Department's office at 704.336.2205 to verify meeting times and locations.  ALL Meeting dates, times and locations are subject to change. 

Public Attendance

All official meetings of the Planning Commission and its committees are open to the public under the North Carolina open meeting laws. Copies of all minutes are part of the public record and are available at the Planning Department's office.

How to Apply

To view and apply for City of Charlotte boards and commissions, visit the City of Charlotte Board and Commissions webpage.

To view and apply for Mecklenburg County boards and commissions, visit the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners' Advisory Boards webpage.



To view, the Zoning Committee Work Session agendas click on "Zoning Committee".


2023 Planning Commission Meetings

April 2023 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 2MB) | Meeting Link 

March 2023 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 2MB) | Meeting Link 

February 2023 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 2MB) | Meeting Link  

January 2023 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 1MB) | Meeting Link

2023 Planning Committee Meetings

March 2023 Meeting Agenda(PDF, 9MB)Meeting Link

February 2023 Meeting Agenda(PDF, 1MB)Meeting Link

January 2023 Meeting Agenda(PDF, 385KB)Meeting Link

2022 Planning Commission Meetings

December 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 2MB) | Meeting Link  

November 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 3MB) | Meeting Link  

October 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 2MB) | Meeting Link  

July 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 1MB) | Meeting Link  

June 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 1MB) | Meeting Link  | Minutes(PDF, 200KB)

May 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 616KB) | Meeting Link  | Minutes(PDF, 200KB)

April 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 1MB) | Meeting Link | Minutes(PDF, 147KB)

March 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 19MB) | Meeting Link | Minutes(PDF, 201KB)

February 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 685KB) | Meeting Link | Minutes(PDF, 200KB)

January 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 956KB) | Meeting LinkMinutes(PDF, 197KB)

2022 Planning Committee Meetings

December 2022 Meeting Agenda (PDF, 7MB)Meeting Link

November 2022 Meeting Agenda (PDF, 11MB)Meeting Link

October 2022 Meeting Agenda (PDF, 12MB)Meeting Link

September 2022 Meeting Agenda (PDF, 14MB)Meeting Link

July 2022 Meeting Agenda (PDF, 2MB)Meeting Link

June 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 5MB) | Meeting Link  | Minutes(PDF, 150KB)

May 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 4MB) | Meeting Link  | Minutes(PDF, 150KB)

April 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 1MB) | Meeting Link  | Minutes

March 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 3MB) | Meeting Link  | Minutes(PDF, 174KB)

February 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 2MB) | Meeting Link  | Minutes(PDF, 150KB)

January 2022 Meeting  Agenda(PDF, 4MB) | Meeting Link | Minutes(PDF, 124KB)


For more information regarding the Commission Members

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