Fast Five with Tina Adams

Published on May 18, 2023

Tina Adams

Fast Five with Tina Adams

As a part of Internal Audit Awareness month, we caught up with City Auditor Tina Adams for this month’s Fast Five series. With 25 years of experience at the city, she oversees the Internal Audit department, which provides independent assessments of whether resources are being managed responsibly and effectively to achieve intended results. This promotes accountability and instills confidence among Charlotte residents and other stakeholders.

Which part of the organization do you lead?

I lead the Internal Audit department. We provide reasonable assurance that the city has an operating and effective system of internal controls and assist members of management in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

Why did you decide to work for the City of Charlotte?

My entire career has been in the public sector or nonprofit arena. When the opportunity presented itself to work for the City of Charlotte, I was excited because it fit with my desire to give back to my community and influence processes that impact our residents’ well-being.  

What is the biggest organizational priority you’re working on right now?

There isn’t just one.  We prepare an annual audit plan that outlines strategic audits based on an organization-wide risk assessment.  When we prepared the plan, we consider topics identified by departments as critical to their missions, council priorities, as well as issues reported on the Employee Hotline and emerging topics impacting local governments.

What is your favorite part about working for the City of Charlotte?
I love working for the City of Charlotte because of the organization consists of people who are committed to Charlotte’s continued growth and providing exceptional services to residents.

What is your favorite restaurant in Charlotte?

Mama Ricotta’s.