City Improves Public Access to Development Information

Published on June 28, 2023

Construction worker digging hole near excavator

Charlotte, N.C. (June 28, 2023) – Charlotte Planning, Design & Development announced today the launch of the Development Near Me tool, a user-friendly platform that simplifies the way residents access and interact with development information. The new tool provides an efficient option for users to explore neighborhood development projects and stay informed about new submissions.

"This application represents our commitment to ensuring our community remains informed and engaged in the development processes that shape our city," said Alyson Craig, Planning director. "We understand the importance of transparent and accessible information, and our aim is to empower residents by providing them with an intuitive tool to stay informed about the development activities in their neighborhoods."

The centerpiece of this application is an interactive web map viewer that allows residents to easily review development information from a single location. By simply inputting an address, users gain access to a wealth of information, including ongoing development as well as pending, approved and completed projects.

For more information, and to use the new tool, visit the Development Near Me webpage.