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To ensure the safety of commuters and pedestrians around the perimeter of your event, event organizers are required to hire one off-duty police officer at each barricaded street intersection. At extremely busy intersections where additional traffic control is necessary, event organizers may be required to hire more than one officer. Additional officers may also be required to ensure public safety within the event site, particularly if alcohol is being sold. CMPD’s Office of Secondary Employment will determine the number of officers required for each event on a case-by-case basis, considering such factors as the size of the event, the anticipated attendance, the program of activities and the time of day.

Event organizers are required to sign a Secondary Employment Agreement with the Police Department acknowledging their responsibility for hiring and paying officers within the designated time as well as their understanding of the role and responsibilities of off-duty officers.

Unless otherwise approved by CMPD, all payments due to off-duty officers must be completed within two weeks from the conclusion of the event.

CMPD Office of Secondary Employment


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