Food Preparation Electrical Needs


City of Charlotte Building Services, Electrical 704.353.0468

With the exception of limited electrical power sources along the Tryon Street Mall, all power requirements for the event must be provided by the event organizer.

General Guidelines for Generators

Generators and other internal combustion power sources shall be:

  • placed on hardscape (pavement, asphalt, plywood)
  • separated from tents or canopies by a minimum of 20 feet
  • isolated from the public by fencing (bike racks) or other approved means
  • grounding rods must be removed at the end of the permitted event
  • grounding rods must not be placed in the cement, tree wells or any landscaped area

All electrical cords must be covered with medium duty cord covers such as Yellow Jacket® to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

For additional information about requirements for the use of generators of diesel equipment please refer to the Hazardous Materials (Use and Refueling of Gasoline or Diesel Equipment) in the Charlotte Fire Department Fire Prevention Section.

Electrical Power Available on Tryon Street Mall

The City of Charlotte has limited electrical power provided for public use along Tryon Street and along the 100 blocks of Trade Street. This power is intended as a power source for stages and vendors at special events. The following guidelines will assist event organizers in assessing what City services are available and outlining the City’s requirements for vendors before connecting to the City’s electrical system on the Tryon Street Mall. Please note, under no circumstances should an event organizer connect to a City power source without prior consultation and approval from the City of Charlotte Electrician.

Additional Requirements

  • Vendors must inventory their equipment to insure that compatible plug fittings are used. The City will not change plugs/ends/etc.
  • All power supply cabling and extension cords are to be provided by user.
  • City staff has the right to refuse any unsafe or altered cords or cabling.
  • The City of Charlotte will not alter equipment in order to accept vendor supplied equipment.
  • If during an event, City of Charlotte owned power equipment becomes unserviceable, an event representative is to be notified - at that point a City of Charlotte electrician (or City’s contractor) will be called to assist.
  • The following items are prohibited from using a City power source:
    • Heat lamps, microwaves, blenders, coffee makers, and any other device with fluctuating power


This electrical cabinet supplies power for stage lighting and sound equipment. Feeder cabling for stage equipment is the responsibility of the stage crews/ provider. Connection to load side supply lugs is the responsibility of City of Charlotte staff electricians (or their contractor). The City of Charlotte is not responsible for providing cabling that is to be placed under either of the disconnects load side lugs.

Location Outlets Available Power
100 Block NE Trade Street 1

400 amp- 120/208 volt - 3phase

4 wire fusible disconnect


200 amp- 120/208 volt - 3phase

4 wire fusible disconnect


50 amp- 120/208 volt - single phase

4 wire receptacle


30 amp- 120/208 volt - single phase

4 wire receptacle


20 amp- 120 volt duplex outlets

GFI protected


20 amp- 120 volt duplex outlets

non-GFI protected



100 amp outlets supply power for event organizer provided ‘spider’ boxes. Each 100 amp receptacle is a Hubbell Circuit Lock pin and sleeve type device.

Locations Technical

100 Block N.E. Tryon Street

100 Block S.W. Tryon Street

200 Block S.E. Tryon Street

400 Block S.W. Tryon Street

Hubbell Enclosure Type 4X, 12

Catalog # HBL5100M19W

100 amp

3 phase - Y

20 HP



Corner power cabinets have 4 wire outlets mounted on the outside of the enclosure. All are 120/208volts – 4wire- single phase.

Locations Amps
S.E. corner West Trade St. and Church St.

1- 30 amp

1- 50 amp

N.W. corner East Trade St. and College St.

1- 30 amp

1- 60 amp

N.E. corner South Tryon St. and 4th. St.

1- 30 amp

1- 50 amp

S.W. corner South Tryon and 4Th. St.

1- 30 amp

1- 50 amp

N.E. corner North Tryon St. and 5th. St.

1- 30 amp

1- 50 amp

N.W. corner South Tryon St. and 1st. St.

1- 30 amp

1- 60 amp


The intended use of these receptacles is for light duty needs, i.e., fans, calculators, shelter lighting. High amp demand equipment, such as cooking units and freezers are prohibited. Each of the 120 volt 20 amp power outlets are individually GFI protected. If a receptacle trips due to a ground fault occurrence, the event organizer must notify the appropriate City representative.

1. All tree wells along the 100 blocks of Trade and Tryon Street