SouthPark CNIP

large crowd at Symphony Park during Pops in the Park

Program Overview

SouthPark already has substantial private investment and a long history of growth, but there is still a role for public sector investments in the area. Therefore, the focus of the SouthPark CNIP is to identify and implement those public investments that will support and help sustain the high levels of private investment already underway. The overall goal is to strategically provide the investments that will maintain and enhance SouthPark as a community that is attractive, economically strong, and provides transportation choices.

SouthPark CNIP Goals

  • To support continued evolution of the Mixed-Use Activity Center by accommodating access by all modes;

  • To improve bicycle and pedestrian access to the Center from surrounding neighborhoods;

  • To enhance peoples’ ability to move around within the Center by walking, biking, and using transit (create a “park once” environment);

  • To provide better access to existing greenspaces and support the desire for more greenspace in the public realm; and

  • To support the density, vibrancy, and strong sense of place expected in Mixed-Use Activity Centers.


Checkmark icon - This project is complete Backlot Trail Phase 1 (completed in 2023)

Checkmark icon - This project is complete Barclay Downs Sidewalk (completed in 2022)

In Progress icon - This project is in progress Briar Creek Greenway Wayfinding (to be built by Mecklenburg County)

In Progress icon - This project is in progress Cameron Valley Road (Fairview Road to Carnegie Boulevard) SouthPark Loop (in progress)

Checkmark icon - This project is complete Enhanced Crosswalks (completed in 2020)

Checkmark icon - This project is complete SouthPark Loop/Cultural Loop Framework Plan (completed in 2019)