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Charlotte Urban Design Center’s urban design, placemaking, and engagement work spans the entire city. New projects and publications are added to this page regularly so check back for updates or visit our People Make Cities blog for the most up to date information on projects, events, and announcements.

Urban Design  

Urban Design

The Charlotte Urban Design Center collaborates with City of Charlotte staff and community partners to design projects, provide design reviews, connect policy to building and neighborhood design, and contribute expertise to area plans, master plans, vision plans, and community investment plans. It also develops design standards and guidelines for rezoning plans and new development.

With its focus on advancing the city's built environment and the diversity of expertise among its staff, the Charlotte Urban Design Center brings unique value and perspectives to the City of Charlotte's infrastructure, transit, and economic development projects.

Placemaking Program  


The City of Charlotte launched the Placemaking Program in 2018 with the mission of using urban design and placemaking to transform underutilized public spaces into vibrant places for people. Led by the Charlotte Urban Design Center, the program builds public space projects and creates opportunities for neighborhoods through the Charlotte Placemaking Hub to use placemaking to promote community collaboration and accomplish public space goals. 

In 2019, the Urban Design Center created the Placemaking Grant to help community members activate and beautify underutilized public spaces. The grant includes funding and assistance for materials, design, permitting, city development approval, and community engagement. To date, the Urban Design Center has awarded 20 projects $190,000 over three cycles.

The Urban Design Center also manages Placemaking Creative Pool. The Creatives Pool matches local creatives with opportunities in Charlotte on a rolling basis. The Creatives Pool includes creatives who work in mixed media, performance, written and spoken word, video/photography, and fabrication. It also includes professionals who manage the process of implementing public art and performance. Learn more and apply here.

In addition to the Placemaking Grant And Creative Pool, the Charlotte Urban Design Center is focusing on key projects like The Ritz at Washington Heights, programing at Five Points Plaza, and the Urban Arboretum Trail.