City of Charlotte Public Spaces

The City of Charlotte manages three public spaces that are available for reservations: Five Points Plaza, the Green at Prosperity Village and the Ritz at Washington Heights. Learn more about the permitting requirements(PDF, 163KB) for using these spaces and watch our video called Reserving a Public Space for additional information. To reserve a park shelter or schedule an event at a park please contact Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Special Events.

Reserving a Public Space | City of Charlotte - Transcript


you with all the contact information for


these items in the checklist as needed


after your application is submitted now


that you've reviewed the checklist you


are ready to reserve your space simply


go to the public spaces page and click


the reserve your space button fill out


the attached form and upload any of the


necessary documentation as indicated be


sure to plan in advance for your event


and submit this application 60 to 90


days before if it's received with less


than 60 days the city will do its best


to try and accommodate your event during


the application process City staff will


support applicants in every step of the


process to make it as easy and seamless


as possible after submitting staff from


the city will contact you pending


approval and availability of the space


if your request is accepted the city


will hold the day date of the event for


30 days and finally the last step have a


great celebration if you have any


questions about the checklist or


application reach out to the city's


Urban Design Center at public space


permits at


City Public Space Rules

The following activities are not permitted

  • Use of tobacco products or drug use
  • Consumption of alcohol without a permit
  • Glass containers
  • Littering, including placing food, drinks or any other substances in the splash pad
  • Weapons or Fireworks
  • Panhandling, solicitation, or distributing flyers (unless approved by the City of Charlotte)
  • Bathing in the splash pad
  • Camping or sleeping. Any personal belongings stored or left will be removed and disposed of
  • Open flames, barbecue grills, and any method of outdoor cooking
  • Amplified sound without a permit
  • Generators without a permit
  • Defacing property including driving stakes/ poles into the ground, hanging signs (unless approved by the City of Charlotte), or affixing anything to plaza property
  • Structures larger than 4' x 4' without a permit
  • Bicycle riding and parking, skateboarding, rollerblading, or roller skating
  • Motorized vehicles (excluding approved accessibility devices and approved maintenance vehicles)
  • All users are subject to ARTICLE VI. - CONDUCT IN PUBLIC PARKS of the City of Charlotte ordinance

The following activities are permitted

  • Playing in the fountain
  • Listening to music at the amphitheater
  • Learning about history and the identity of the Historic West End – explore art!
  • Rocking on the porch swings!
  • Moving the tables and chairs to enjoy lunch with your friends
  • Watching the streetcar passing by
  • Checking your email and working on homework
  • Enjoying some pizza and frozen custard (please clean up your table)
  • Listening to the breeze in the trees
  • Playing chess and other games

Five Points Plaza

Five Points Plaza

Five Points Plaza is located in the Historic West End across from Johnson C. Smith University at the W. Trade/Rozzelles Ferry/Beatties Ford Road/W. 5th St. intersection. The plaza is made up of two spaces on each side of the intersection and has a splash pad, amphitheater, public art installation, moveable furniture and custom swings. Both sides of the plaza can accommodate events of 850 people. No parking is provided. Use of the CityLynx Gold Line is encouraged.

Five Points Plaza is managed by a grassroots community organization. To learn more about the plaza, as well as sponsorship and volunteer opportunities please visit Five Points Plaza website

The Green at Prosperity Village

The Green at Prosperity Village

The Green at Prosperity Village is located in Prosperity Village at the corner of Johnston Oehler and Benfield Roads. The park has an event green, patio with shade sails, hand pump play feature, murals, and enhanced landscaping. The Green can accommodate events of 2,500 people. Limited street parking is provided.

The Ritz at Washington Heights

The Ritz at Washington Heights

Reimagining The Ritz in Historic Washington Heights

The Ritz at Washington Heights is the City of Charlotte’s newest open space on the Beatties Ford Road corridor. At this location The Ritz, the last movie theater to be built only for black people during segregation, once stood as a hub of community life. It closed in 1971 and was demolished in the early 1990s. The city-owned lot has been sitting vacant ever since. As part of the city’s Corridors of Opportunity (COO) program, The Urban Design Center (UDC) led the Beatties Ford Road community in an engagement process to identify placemaking and public space opportunities. The Ritz at Washington Heights has elements that meet the desires and needs of the community in an open space. There is a performance area with a shipping container and shelter, a plaza area with moveable seating and chairs, and a small play area. There is beautiful, enhanced landscaping and four art elements completed by local artists: A wall mural by Makayla Minter, a painted plaza and inspirational quotes by Sala Faruq and the “The Ritz at Washington Heights” sign by Junior Gomez.