Six Police Division Stations

an outdoor shot of CMPD South Division at night, with the LEED symbol in the upper right hand corner

All new CMPD Division Stations will pursue LEED certification (photo: CMPD South Division)

Program Overview

This program is constructing six new permanent police stations in Westover Division, Hickory Grove Division, South Division, University City Division, Independence Division and Northwest Division. Four of these facilities replace temporary and leased facilities currently being used, and two provide stations for the newly established South and Northwest divisions. These new facilities accommodate the current and future needs of CMPD by meeting the following criteria as established in CMPD's strategic plan for facilities:

  1. Properly sized for current and future staffing needs; 
  2. Prominently located in a neighborhood as an anchor to the community that encourages revitalization;
  3. Easily accessible to the public by locating on a main thoroughfare that is pedestrian-friendly and served by public transportation; and
  4. Creation of a "brand" for CMPD that is easily recognizable by the public while retaining an appearance that is adapted well to the surrounding


Checkmark icon - This project is completeHickory Grove Division (complete)

Checkmark icon - This project is completeIndependence Division (complete)

In Progress icon - This project is in progressNorthwest Division (in progress)

Checkmark icon - This project is completeSouth Division (complete)

Checkmark icon - This project is completeUniversity City Division (complete)

Checkmark icon - This project is complete Westover Division (complete)

Program Funding and Cost Information

Program funding of $81.35 million in non-debt financing through certificates of participate for public safety and other municipal facilites:

  • $10.50 million in 2014 
  •  $24.75 million in 2016
  • $46.10 million in 2018