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MWSBE Certification Getting Started

MWSBE Certification Getting Started

City of Charlotte MWBE registration requirements:

  • MWBEs must be certified with the state of North Carolina's Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Office. To learn more about MWBE certification
  • MWBEs with a significant business presence in the Charlotte Combined Statistical Area "CSA" will need to register in the City's vendor database and complete a Relevant Market Area Certification Form.(PDF, 110KB)

City of Charlotte SBE certification requirements:

  • Qualifying person(s) must own 51% of the Business Enterprise.
  • Personal net worth not to exceed $750,000 (Excludes business ownership, retirement accounts, and eligible equity in residential home)
  • Significant business presence in the Charlotte Combined Statistical Area "CSA."
  • Provide a commercially useful function to the city.
  • 1/4 SBA size standards.

Significant Business Presence eligibility criteria:

  • Is the business enterprise headquartered or has an office in the Charlotte CSA;
  • Number of full-time employees in the CSA;
  • Location of managerial or decision-making personnel;
  • Lease agreement;
  • Post office box, mail drop, or message center;
  • Previous work or contracts performed in the Charlotte CSA; and
  • Percentage of income or revenue derived from Charlotte CSA.

What are the Benefits of MWSBE certification?

  • Certified firms are listed in city's vendor database.
  • Increased visibility and notification of city contracting and subcontracting opportunities.
  • Free workshops, seminars, and networking events.
  • Access to working capital loan