Meet the Mayor

As the Mayor of Charlotte, Vi Lyles has been at the forefront of propelling the city towards a future where quality of life and equal opportunity are accessible to all. Serving her fourth term, Mayor Lyles has presided over a period of remarkable growth and economic prosperity for Charlotte, now the 16th largest city in the United States with nearly 900,000 residents.

Mayor Lyles' tenure is marked by proactive community engagement and decisive action on affordable housing. She has been instrumental in marshaling $150 million towards affordable housing projects, benefiting more than 5,000 families. Her vision for growth extends to robust transportation infrastructure and community safety initiatives, including the ambitious Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan and the recently enacted Unified Development Ordinance, streamlining city development and land use.

One of the hallmark achievements of her first term was the expansion of the Charlotte Area Transit System, integrating a 19-mile light rail line that now links key parts of the city. This complements her commitment to a Vision Zero strategy, aiming to eliminate traffic fatalities.

Mayor Lyles has also positioned Charlotte as a leader in sustainability. The Sustainable and Resilient Charlotte by 2050 Resolution, passed unanimously by City Council, reflects her dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to zero-carbon sources for city operations by 2030, with a broader goal of shaping Charlotte into a low-carbon city by 2050. Mayor Lyles also co-chairs the coalition America is All In, advocating for a national climate strategy to address the climate crisis.

Her leadership is characterized by a deep commitment to racial equity and economic inclusion. The Racial Equity Initiative, launched in 2021 with a $250 million investment, exemplifies her dedication to dismantle barriers and foster equality through strategic investments in the city’s six historically under invested Corridors of Opportunity, education, digital equity, and corporate leadership diversity.

Economic development has thrived under Mayor Lyles, with significant job creation and recognition of Charlotte as a burgeoning hub for technology and innovation. Initiatives like HIRE Charlotte exemplify her approach to breaking down employment barriers and fueling the city's dynamic workforce.

In the realm of public safety, Mayor Lyles has been a proponent of the SAFE Charlotte plan, embracing a comprehensive approach to community well-being. The Alternatives to Violence program, which she implemented, reflects her dedication to addressing the root causes of crime and enhancing the city's safety.

Before her election as mayor, Lyles's commitment to public service was evident during her tenure on the City Council and her invaluable work as a city employee, where she established the city's first capital budget. A graduate of Queens University with a Bachelor's in Political Science and holding a Master's in Public Administration from UNC Chapel Hill, Mayor Lyles's career is a testament to her unwavering dedication to Charlotte's growth and her constituents' well-being.

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