Performance Management

Strategic Priorities

At the Charlotte City Council's strategy meeting in October 2021, council members reaffirmed its five strategic priority areas. The strategic priorities guide decision-making and align resource allocation.

Great Neighborhoods (Affordable and Sustainable Neighborhoods) - Focus on comprehensive initiatives designed to create affordable housing and provide opportunities that align with creating great neighborhoods.

Safe Communities (Safe, Healthy, and Inclusive Communities) - Ensure neighborhoods are safe, healthy, and inclusive, with a focus on policing, fire protection and community relations.

Transportation, Planning, and Environment (Accessibility, Mobility, and Connectivity) - Anticipate and plan for the growth of the community, and safeguard the environment. Address growth with strategic investments, by building and maintaining a comprehensive transportation network, and with placemaking strategies that encourage connection between neighborhoods and employment centers.

Workforce and Business Development (Economy, Jobs, and Upward Mobility) - Build and maintain a successful business climate and workforce talent, including increasing the number of jobs with sustainable wages and benefits, increasing economic opportunity for all residents, and encouraging business development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Well-managed Government (Efficient, Effective, Accountable, Responsive, Inclusive, and Customer-Focused) - Ensure the City of Charlotte demonstrates leadership in financial stewardship, reviews best practices, and ensures consistency with an emphasis on effective and efficient services that are accountable, customer-focused, and inclusive.

Year End Performance Reports

Through the strategic planning process, the city identifies objectives, performance measures and targets that advance the strategic priorities and achieve the City Council’s vision.