Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen The land for Evergreen Cemetery was purchased in 1944 for the purpose of creating Charlotte's fourth municipal cemetery. Interments began shortly afterward in 1947, and Evergreen now receives the most interments of all of Charlotte's municipal cemeteries. 

Among the decorative features of Evergreen is a large memorial at the entrance dedicated to Mecklenburg County soldiers who died in World War II.


Visitors can also find the Chapel of Resurrection, erected in memory of all deceased parish members of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral. The underside of the dome has a mosaic designed by master Byzantine iconographer Sirio.

Administrative offices for all of Charlotte's municipal cemeteries are located at Evergreen.


Sale of Grave/Niche Space
Grave Space Cost
Adult Grave Space $1,800
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. Grave Space $600
Cremains In-Ground Space $1,080
Niche-Single $1,200
Niche-Double $1,600
Perpetual Care Charge (one time fee on all above sales) $270 Adult
$90 Infant/Child
$160 Cremains
$180 Niche-Single
$240 Niche-Double
50% Mausoleum


Opening and Closing Fees
Opening and Closing Cost
Adult Weekdays $1,300
Weekdays after 3:30 p.m. $1,800
Saturdays $2,500
Sundays & Holidays $2,700
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. Weekdays $400
Weekdays after 3:30 p.m. and Saturdays $600
Sundays & Holidays
Cremations (in-ground burial) Weekdays $700
Weekdays after 3:30 p.m. $800
Saturdays $1,100
Sundays & Holidays $1,350
Second Right of Interment $850
Disinterment Adult $3,200
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. $1,000
Reinterment Adult $1,300
Infant/Child up to 3 ft. $400


Sales/Installation of Amenities
Amenities Cost
Flower Vase Installation $120
Non-Permanent Burial Container/Adult $360
Lettering of Niche Cover- Evergreen (2 lines/name-date) $420
Tent, Chair or Cremation Setup $500
Sale and Installation of City Vase $200
Monument Foundation Construction (per square inch) $1
Marker Installation (per square inch) $1
Transfer Burial Rights $100
Special Request Maintenance (per hour)